Package com.groiss.component

package com.groiss.component
Main class and some classes defining the structure of the application.
  • Class
    Handling dependencies between applications.
    Manages transaction aware components (="beans").
    This class handles the access to the configuration.
    Can be used to load properties which usually come from the configuration of @enterprise or of applications from other locations.
    Provides static methods for accessing the default resource.
    Provides a consistent mechanism to start and stop components.
    adds logging support to arbitrary classes implementing interfaces a dynamic-proxy is used
    Implement this interface if you want to be notified if configuration changes.
    Provides resource strings in several languages.
    Services are Java objects that have a lifecycle, a service can be started, stopped, asked for its state and reconfigured.
    Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
    implement interface Service directly
    The main class.