@enterprise 11.0 API

Contains classes to customize permission checks.
OAuth authorization classes.
Provides classes for handling date/time and calendar events.
Provides basic cluster information.
Contains classes and interfaces for sending and receiving cluster wide messages.
Main class and some classes defining the structure of the application.
Classes and interfaces for handling documents.
Utility for customizing web interfaces of the document management system.
Useful data structures and interfaces.
Classes related to events within processes.
Provides classes and interfaces for customizing file import operations.
Provides classes for creating/reading CSV-files.
Functional interfaces.
Contains classes for building HTML interfaces.
Components for HTML interfaces.
Creation of Excel files.
Classes to render HTML tables.
HTTP client utilities.
Classes and interfaces for synchronization with LDAP servers.
Interface for receiving mails.
Template for mail messages; document tracking.
Classifier implementations for machine learning component.
Data structures for machine learning component.
Fields (or attributes) for machine learning component.
Client notification subsystem.
Classes for creation and handling of Office documents.
Accessing the organizational data.
Interface to implement a password policy checker.
Load and execute reports.
Contains basic reporting data classes and classes to obtain information about the reporting schema.
Additional class for reporting data types.
Provides classes and interfaces to export report results to various formats.
Administrative actions and server information.
Servlet related classes.
Utility classes for smart clients.
Mail handling for smart clients.
Classes for mobile smart clients.
Access to and manipulation of persistent data.
Provides simple abstractions to access other databases.
Classes for customizations for form and table display.
Contains an interface and a default implementation for deadline computations.
Interfaces and classes for controlling timed tasks.
Various utilities for files, strings, and other areas.
Interfaces for accessing the workflow engine.
Contains the classes which support long running tasks (batch jobs).
Utilities for building HTML interfaces for the workflow engine.
Classes to support Wf-XML functionality.
Classes to interact with SOAP WebServices.
Classes for webservice clients.
Classes for webservice server.
XForms API classes.
XML utilities.