Contains basic reporting data classes and classes to obtain information about the reporting schema.
  • Class
    Implementing this Interface, several result set tuples are aggregated to one entry in tablemodel.
    An attribute represents a simple field in an Entity/DB-table or a more complex structure containing multiple fields/sources
    An Entity describes a table/view in the DB.
    ReportingExportable that implement that interface, may multiply a single DB result into multiple table-model rows (e.g. expand a time-interval into single dates)
    Implementing this Interface, enables ReportingData Objects to make numeric aggregations like sum and average.
    Interface ReportingData Inteface for all ReportingData, which does not fit to Standard Datatypes
    reporting tablemodel holds data which are read from db and calculated data like grouping rows
    Representation of a select element of a query.
    ReportinExportable for non DB-data Objects.
    This interface must be supported if another calculation of time intervals is desired
    Note: a implementing class must support a constructor without parameters