Access to and manipulation of persistent data.
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    Activatable objects can be activated and deactivated.
    Allows efficient execution of queries for a set of items.
    Annotation to define the labels (i18n keys) for fields of Persistent objects.
    This class maintains a pool of database connections.
    Provides associate a fixed value to each instance of an Enum.
    Classes that want to provide the possibility of being exported/imported by the import/export functionality of @enterprise must implement this interface.
    this is an extension to the PersistentObject class which can be exported via the @enterprise import/export functionality all required Exportable methods are implemented with default behavior
    Marker interface to designate that a Persistent may have an outstanding DeferredChange.
    If a class is annotated with this (non-inheritable) annotation, the store mechanism knows that a field of the class can also contain subclasses of it.
    Annotation to indicate a field as part-of relation.
    Make a database lock.
    This class can be used to shrink wrap potential null values together with an appropriate SQL type (c.f.
    Annotation to exempt fields from being read from or written to the database.
    Convenience wrapper for construction of SQL expressions with bind parameters which may be null.
    Optimistically locked objects have a long transactionid field in the database table and java class.
    Marking a field f with this annotation has the following semantics: When the object that is referenced in this field is deleted, the object (containing the reference) can be deleted also.
    Annotation to indicate a field as part-of relation.
    Objects implementing this interface can be stored with the persistence mechanism of @enterprise.
    Allows to change certain aspects of the behavior of the Store and OrgData operations on Persistent objects.
    since ep 10.0, implement interface PersistentEventHandler directly which provides default implementations now
    This interface provides a hook for some action when an object is inserted, updated or deleted.
    This is a default implementation of the Persistent interface.
    Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version. 
    The store interface represents the interface to the database.
    Utilities for store
    Objects implementing this interface provide a different perspective ("view") for a Persistent instance (the base object).