@enterprise 8.0 API

com.groiss.cal Provides classes for handling date/time and calendar events
com.groiss.cluster Provides basic cluster information.
com.groiss.cluster.communication The communication package contains classes and interfaces for sending and receiving cluster wide messages.
com.groiss.component Main class and some classes an interfaces defining the structure of the application.
com.groiss.dms The dms package contains classes and interfaces for handling documents.
com.groiss.ds The ds package contains some useful data structures and interfaces.
com.groiss.fileimport Provides classes and interfaces for customizing fileimport
com.groiss.gui The gui package - and its subpacakge gui.component - contains classes for building HTML interfaces.
com.groiss.gui.component Components for HTML interfaces.
com.groiss.gui.table This package contains the classes and interfaces necessary for rendering HTML tables.
com.groiss.ldap Contains classes and interfaces for synchronization with LDAP servers
com.groiss.log Interface and a default implementation for logging.
com.groiss.org The org package contains classes and interfaces for accessing the organizational structure.
com.groiss.passwd Interface to implement a password policy checker
com.groiss.reporting This package contains classes to load and execute Reports.
com.groiss.reporting.data This package contains data classes gain information of reporting schema and report attributes and conditions.
com.groiss.reporting.export The export package provides classes and interfaces to implement export report results to certain formats.
com.groiss.servlet The package contains the servlets of @enterprise.
com.groiss.store This package contains the persistence layer for @enterprise.
com.groiss.timemgmt The timemgmt package contains an interface and a default implementation for deadline computations.
com.groiss.timer Interfaces and classes for controlling timed tasks.
com.groiss.util Utilities for files and strings and some algorithms, like base64 or crypt.
com.groiss.wf The wf package contains the interfaces for accessing the workflow engine.
com.groiss.wf.batch The batch package contains the classes which support long running tasks (batch jobs) in @enterprise.
com.groiss.wf.html Utilities for building an HTML interface for the workflow engine.
com.groiss.wfxml In this package you can find some classes needed for using @enterprise's WfXML functionality.


@enterprise 8.0.22989 Copyright 2001-2017 Groiss Informatics GmbH. All Rights Reserved.