Six Sigma


Following an extended period of consulting to AIFS, working closely with the internal team and gaining a deep understanding of their requirements, We were engaged for the design, development and migration of the main AIFS website and numerous sub-sites, onto the Wordpress platform.

Streale Enterprise Six Sigma is a web-based, Six Sigma workflow and project management tool which can be implemented on a global, enterprise-wide scale to improve quality and productivity of your company’s products and services. As more companies initiate eCorporation initiatives to further automate internal processes, SESS leverages the power of the @enterprise core engine to exceed your company’s desired quality and financial results. Specifically designed to support the Financial Services and Life Sciences industries, SESS also supports all other industries as well.

With this easy-to-use Six Sigma project management tool, you can instantly track all of your project initiatives from anywhere in the world and monitor savings and status.
With the SESS solution, your organization will be able to:

  • Comply with FDA Standards: 21 CFR Part 11: Electronic Signatures and Electronic Records
  • Enforce DMAIC workflow and best business practices
  • Drive Standardization of Six Sigma workflows and best practices
  • Rapidly deploy and manage projects worldwide
  • Provide executive dashboard to track projects and measure performance
  • Enhance learning, accountability and communication with user-friendly, intuitive, web-based solution
  • Manage Six Sigma projects to ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other regulatory edicts (IAS, Basel II)
  • And much more…

SESS features differ from conventional Six Sigma by including the following:

  • e-Signatures & e-Audit Trail — meets 21 CFR Part 11 standards
  • e-Learning — online Six Sigma training; good for certification and refresher courses
  • e-Processes — built-in and ad hoc methodology support; plus more…
  • e-Visibility — global visibility across the entire organization on all Six Sigma initiatives
  • e-Tools — online knowledge base, query reports, advance searches, and much more…