Documentaries, demos and presentations related to workflow in general and @enterprise

For registered users, we haven an extended Download-Area in our customer portal, where you can also get a free fully functional but time limited version of @enterprise. Registration is free of charge and without any commitments!
  • First steps

    If you make your first steps in @enterprise, we recommend to read our User Manual (Chapter First steps).

  • In Detail

    In section Documentation we provide information for advanced users – from API-Documentation up to installation manual. Furthermore you can find useful answers in our FAQ

  • Workflow in general

    Our Presentations embrace also different components of @enterprise, which give you a good overview about the topics Document Management and Workflow Management.

  • Different representations

    In addition to the tabular presentation, the query results can also be displayed differently as diagrams or exported directly to MS Excel for further processing. Due to the open architecture, you can also address the reporting and analysis component via an API and thus integrate it tailor-made into your application.