Case Studies

The best way to get to know our company is the work we do for our clients and the ideas that inspire our team.Take a look at the case study to see how our technical know-how affects markets and services.


Change Management ubs

Change Management

The UBS AG (Switzerland) uses @enterprise in various applications across the whole group, particularly in Change Managem
E-Government with @ELAK elak

E-Government with @ELAK

Hewlett Packard developed the electronic act based on @enterprise for the Austrian Federal Department of Defense. Elak "

Various areas of application

Banks & Finance

Many successful projects have already been implemented in major international banks with @enterprise. From change management to loan applications, quality management and money laundering prevention.


High security requirements, long retention times, complex organizational structures and complete traceability are the reasons for using @enterprise in authorities.

Aeronautical Information Management

The processing of aeronautical data requires great care; Traceability and the 4-eyes principle are must-have criteria. @enterprise is used by air traffic control in America, Europe and Asia.

Software development

Software projects are often carried out in partially structured processes. Change management based on the Scrum method as well as incident and problem management according to ITSM were implemented with @enterprise.

Human resource management

Business trips, absences, new hires are examples from this area. Our solutions in this area are used in both small and large companies with several 10,000 employees.

Our mission is to simplify and support business processes.


Groiss Informatics GmbH is a software house, whose main focus is the field of workflow management. Apart from the development and marketing of the workflow management system @enterprise we provide several services around this product.


Our consultants support you during all project phases – from requirements analysis to the production use of the application.


Our developers create customer-specific components and applications.


We offer comprehensive @enterprise courses for administrators and developers.


In projects where special knowledge of the application domain is required, we team up with partners.


In projects where special knowledge of the application domain is required, we team up with partners. Projects in banking, insurance, public administration or health care have been implemented successfully through such cooperations.


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