GTLDATA implemented the platform DAX-Service for exchanging documents between insurance companies, accident assessors and repair shops based on @enterprise.

General information

GTLDATA has being concerned about the increasing importance of the car-damage-communication for several years. Usually an insurance company, a repair company and an accident assessor are involved in the processing of a car-damage event. Inside of the claims settlement process these “partners” communicate with each other. The main task of the DAX-Service is to represent the most important process steps and to provide data of all communication partners with smallest redundancy.

Target groups
The target groups of the DAX-Service are companies which assign orders for car-inspection. These companies are insurance companies, banks, leasing companies etc., and also accident assessor organisations, independent accident assessors and repair shops.

The claims settlement process is a series of partial stages, so called tasks, which will be assigned to predefined actors (roles, positions, functions, users). Defined conditions – should be repaired, inspected, checked etc. – decide about the execution of the processes and the order of executed tasks. The routing to the next actor takes place automatically without the need form manual intervention.┬á Following tasks were implemented in DAX:

  1. Create a new (damage-)event and capture data
  2. Check captured data and if necessary inform the repair shop to repair (or not) or to wait for a decision to repair.
  3. In case of an inspection
    • Assign accident assessor
    • Accept inspection assignment
    • Inspection
    • Reception and check of inspection-report
    • Storage of data of inspection-result in a central expertise database
  4. To com to a repair decision (if not happend in Step 2)
  5. Close event (regulate)

The steps 1, 2, 4 and 5 are described tasks which are typical for an insurer, the steps 3.i to 3.iv are tasks of an accident assessor organisation. The parallelism of repair- and inspection-processes will be also considered.

The core of the DAX-Service is the workflow management system @enterprise developed by Groiss Informatics GmbH. This workflow system is baed in internet technology and supports the definition, design, execution and control of business processes. In this application the previous as-is process of the damage-event has been analysed and transformed and implemented in @enterprise. The DAX-Service is a web application and is available around the clock. It is possible to access the DAX-Service-Workflow via two different clients – a HTML-client and a Kfz 5-client.

The HTML-Client, which is usable without any installation directly via a WEB-Browser, can be used by all participants, but is mainly used by the personnel which ist directly involved with the inspection and inspection-report creation.

Kfz 5-Client
The full integrated Kfz 5-client of the inspection-management-system permits the communication of Kfz 5 with the DAX-Service. Due to the special focus of Kfz 5, this client will be used by accident assessors only, which can keep their accustomed Kfz 5-user inteface for the communication with the DAX-Service and neither have to use a HTML-client nor any further program.

There are advantages for all participants, because of the clearly defined and flexible process based procedure and its standardized communication channels. Further essential advantages are

  • the availability of up to date and complete information about a (damage-)event dunring the whole process lifetime
  • the permanent traceability of every single process-step
  • the simple planning of resources (assignment of accident assessors, who, when …)

DAX-Service can also be deployed for the internal usage within an accident assessors organisation to facilitate the placing of assignments. For all stakeholders (insurance companies, leasing companies , banks) of car-inspections, the system is highly advantageous, because of

  • the fast implementation, which poses no addditional requirements on the infrastructure besides a current browser
  • and the accessibility of all independent austrian accident assessors organisation and/or accident assessors, because more than 90% of those professionals use Kfz 5.

For further information: www.gtl-data.at | www.dax-service.at