Who is who, internal workflows


@enterprise was integrated into the intranet of the German Federal Department of the Interior as web-based and independent workflow management system. It is possible to deploy @enterprise on each server, where a SUN Java SDK is available, gaining independency from the underlying hardware and operating system.

Because of the enhancement of the data model of @enterprise a comfortable “who is who” is available, which simplifies the searching for people their responsibilities and corresponding availiability data. The whole organizational structure with corresponding areas of responsibility (Geschäftsverteilungsplan GVPl) is in an electronic form and allows to find the responsible person fast by a full text search. The information in “who is who” is up to date. The maintenance of the GVPl-data is implemented with two workflows.

Absences can be requested in the intranet and will be processed py a  worfklow in @enterprise. It is possible to search stored vacation-workflows via a comfortable query component with integrated authorization system. The vacation-file of the individual Organisation Unit could be omitted. Another workflow which deals with the “Proposal for Order of Media” will simplify the administration of media in the library.

The application idee21 (suggestion scheme of the Federal Authority) was also implemented as complex workflow.